Welcome to our monthly update post.  The perfect place to keep up with what's new at Design and Make.  This post is filled with inspiration that will surely keep you motivated to get out in the shop and make something!

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It's Here!!! It's a sure bet that our "Embedded Carving Catalog" will give you an edge on your competition. 

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Before you know it the holidays will be here, so let us help you get things rolling!

Featured New Single Models We Have Added To The Store

New Hack of the Week Model Projects

Each Hack of the Week Model Project contains the original hack layout (less any text), all of the individual models and a special Project Sheet.

Customer Focus Posts Added This Month

We are always excited to see what our customers are making with our Design and Make content.  These posts are just a few of the latest submissions we have been emailed or posted in the Vectric User Form.

Thank you for having a look at what we have been up to this month and we hope you have found a bit of inspiration for your next CNC project!

The Design and Make Team

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