D&M ‘Embedded Carving Catalog Service’

D&M's new 'Embedded Carving Catalog Service'

After many months of development, 'Design and Make' are delighted to announce the release of the new upgraded catalog service.

The new service is called the 'Embedded Carving Catalog Service' and thanks to an easy to install bit of code your business website will now be able to offer all of our designs as customization to your current line of products.

If you think this new product would be a good fit for your business, please log in to your verified D&M account and fill out the online application form under your Account Information in the Other Services tab.  If your application is successful, we will email your new details.

For those of you that have been using the "Vector Art 3D Affiliates Embedded Catalog", it will cease to work on November 1st, 2018.  You will need to re-apply using the above process and if successful, we will email your new details.  Our new catalog will not automatically replace the previous version so you will need to swap it out.

If you have any questions regarding the service, do not receive notification of approval within 3 business days or if you require edits to your existing account please email catalog_support@designandmake.com

We are excited to see where our new "Embedded Clipart Catalog" takes your business!

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