He “made it his own”! – Doug and the Divine Clock

When we started to create the "Make It Your Own" series of videos and projects we hoped many would be inspired to take one of Vectric's free projects, edit the design and make it.  Doug Hollingsworth did just that with the free Divine Clock project (link below).  He watched the video we made and using the model pack we created he has taken that information and created his own version of the Divine Clock.

Doug has taken the time to send in a great write-up and some nice pictures to help illustrate his journey in developing his version of the clock.  Read on and we will have links at the bottom so you can have a look at the Divine Clock Wedding model pack and video so you can make your own!

"As always your video was easy to follow and I had very few problems. This is the first of three that I am making and while I am not completely happy with the finish on this one, I could not wait to share it with you. All three are being cut from 4/4 cherry and my wife and I are giving to good friends as wedding gifts."

"There are three differences between your clock and the one that I built. I included the last name initial of the married couple at the top. I included the year of the wedding at the bottom. I used a smaller rough cut end mill and finish cut ball nose on the floral pattern for greater detail."

"The picture below shows the initial floral pattern on the left. I rough cut this with a 1/4 inch end mill and finish cut with an 1/8 inch ball nose. The second attempt is on the right. I used an 1/8 inch end mill for the rough cut and a 1/16 inch ball nose for the finish cut. I was happier with the floral pattern but not so happy with the width of the flat between the floral pattern and the outside bevel. I also did not like the small lip that resulted from the non zero Gap Above Model that is used even though I had selected the Gap Below Model. I am always learning with the software."

Doug mentioned the "non zero gap above the model", what he is referring to is that he did not position the model to the top of the material.

Note in the example above the model is pushed to the top of the material (light beige area) and the "Gap" is at the bottom (dark brown area).

"I really liked the third attempt shown below. You can see that the flat between the floral pattern and the outside bevel is wider and the lip is gone.
The finished clock is shown below."

"The finished clock is shown below (to the right). I mentioned that I was unhappy with the finish. I started with a sealer coat but it was so hot the day that I applied that it ended with ripples like a pond after throwing a rock. I sanded as best I could and applied three coats of lacquer. While the ripple is less it is still not as smooth as I would like. I plan to finish the next two clocks without the sealer.

Thanks, again for all your help and inspiration."

As we mentioned above we thought it would be good to link to the model pack Doug used for his version of the Divine Clock.  Click the banner above to be taken to the model project in the Design and Make store where you will find all you need, including a link to the free project from Vectric and the video.  You just never know you might just want to make one for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

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Thank you, Doug, for for taking the time to send this project into us!!!

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