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Hot Rod Garage
Hot Rod Garage
September 8, 2021   |  (0) Comments

~ Hot Rod Garage ~ Speedsters, greasers and rat rods are only a few of that subcultures that fall in… Read More

My Garden Marker
Garden Marker – Hack of the Week No.242
September 8, 2021   |  (0) Comments

~ My Garden Marker ~ Looking to add a bit of personality to your garden? This hack will help to… Read More

Tall Ship Scenes Model Project
Make An Inspiring Tall Ship Layout!
August 13, 2021   |  (0) Comments

~ Tall Ship Scenes ~ The high seas have been a place of adventure and mystery since humans thought up… Read More

The Seaworthy Model Project
Keep That Ship Seaworthy!
August 12, 2021   |  (0) Comments

~ Seaworthy ~ If you are a fan of the coastal lifestyle this little project has big potential! Looking to… Read More


  • We are having so much fun with the project packs!
    Harry and Kendra Squier
  • We wanted to venture into 2.5D work - the Clipart and Design & Make projects were perfect. Thank you so much for supporting the 'weekend cnc warriors' like myself!
    Harry Squier
  • I purchased VCarve Desktop and in no time I was on my way to making some of the things I was struggling to design in other software.
    Harry Squier
  • I must say that your concept with whole projects is great! I'm sure I will be a returning customer.
    Johan Ahlberg
  • Thank you for the great quality models.
    Larry Breaux
  • Thanks again for all the work you put into making this so user friendly and accessible.
    Larry Breaux
  • Your website has many neat ideas that I want to try.
    Dave Haskin
  • I just downloaded the Home for the Holidays No.5 and there are so many great ideas here. I started with this one but not sure which one I want to do next. Thanks for the new project and thanks for the ideas! This is going to make a great gift.
    Greg Raso
  • These model packages are great for increasing design and modelling skills. Thank you.
    Joe McBryde
  • Love the designs!!!!
    David Kelly
  • My thanks to the Design & Make team for absolutely wonderful mini-projects!
    Mr. S.
  • Thanks again, and I can’t wait to get started on another project!
    Greg Raso

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