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John Njaa Clipart Cribbage Board
John Njaa – Clipart Cribbage Board
May 23, 2023   |  (0) Comments

Nibs, nobs, over-pegging, muggins, fourth street, double run, and Raggedy Ann are all terms you cribbage lovers will recognize, even… Read More

Phoenix Craft Creations – Garden Gonks
April 24, 2023   |  (0) Comments

Personalised décor is a big part of a home’s personality and Craig from Phoenix Craft Creations knows the joy that… Read More

Making a Firefighters Gift Plaque
April 11, 2023   |  (0) Comments

This thought-provoking Hack of the Week is the perfect CNC gift for all those special firefighters who run towards danger… Read More

Celebration of Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy!
March 20, 2023   |  (0) Comments

Hope, Love, Joy and Peace are the deepest desires of the human heart and give rise to the most memorable… Read More


  • We are having so much fun with the project packs!
    Harry and Kendra Squier
  • We wanted to venture into 2.5D work - the Clipart and Design & Make projects were perfect. Thank you so much for supporting the 'weekend cnc warriors' like myself!
    Harry Squier
  • I purchased VCarve Desktop and in no time I was on my way to making some of the things I was struggling to design in other software.
    Harry Squier
  • I must say that your concept with whole projects is great! I'm sure I will be a returning customer.
    Johan Ahlberg
  • Thank you for the great quality models.
    Larry Breaux
  • Thanks again for all the work you put into making this so user friendly and accessible.
    Larry Breaux
  • Your website has many neat ideas that I want to try.
    Dave Haskin
  • I just downloaded the Home for the Holidays No.5 and there are so many great ideas here. I started with this one but not sure which one I want to do next. Thanks for the new project and thanks for the ideas! This is going to make a great gift.
    Greg Raso
  • These model packages are great for increasing design and modelling skills. Thank you.
    Joe McBryde
  • Love the designs!!!!
    David Kelly
  • My thanks to the Design & Make team for absolutely wonderful mini-projects!
    Mr. S.
  • Thanks again, and I can’t wait to get started on another project!
    Greg Raso

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