Don and his milk cans.

If you have been keeping up with our Shop Notes posts and newsletters, Don Harding is a name you have read about before.  Don is a big fan of our projects and a huge contributor to the growing number of customer submitted hacks and finished projects we have on the Design and Make site.

One of Don's most recent submissions are pictures of his growing collection of milk can carvings.  He made these using the Milk Can No.1 from the Farm Fresh No.1 CNC project.

For the finish, he used "Matte Clear Rustoleum, Black is Krylon".   They took "2 hours on the Camaster Stinger. It is
6" x 11.25" x .75 thick."

"Roughed with .5 end mill, finish bit was a Burchett Quality Tool #3TB25015. The tip is a 1/16 ball Nose I think."

"The lettering was a 90 degree Magnate 706 v-Bit. I did a Profile cut before I did any cutting with the .500 Bit to make sure I had enough wood on the sides Of the Scrap Board."

"One more piece of firewood saved."

Firewood never looked this good Don!



Thanks Don for sharing your milk cans with us!  Fantastic work as always.  Keep the chips flying over there in your shop!

Customer Focus CNC

Thank you, Don, for taking the time to share your finished project with us!

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