The Patriot Clock Project

"When I first got the Liberty Bell model, this was my first project I wanted to do, but got sidetracked and made a few other models with it instead."  

We have to admit we loved all the projects that "sidetracked" you but this is certainly one to be proud of!  What a final piece and what a great idea!

"The clock itself stands about 17 inches tall and was cut out of white ash."

"The original plan was to cut so the grain would be vertical to be able to hide it within the walls off the clock but the day I started the model, the machine had a mind of its own and trashed a few pieces."

"Since Rockler wasn’t going to be getting any more in for a while I had to do a lot of glue ups to salvage the pieces that were messed up."

"The model is carved from white ash.  The top of the clock has the Liberty Bell model, which I actually cut twice to give it the dimension and not flat in the back. That took about 8 hours with a 1/32 bit because I wanted the detail of the wording."

Great way to add that full 3D feel with the double-sided bell on the top!

"The face of the clock I used Star No.1 (from the Western Saloon No.2 model project) and put one in each corner.  Approxly 2 hours carve time with a 1/16th bit."

"Each side of the box has the Flag in a Frame on the top right and left side... about 2.5 hours each for carve time. with a 1/32 bit."

"The bottom of the box has the Statute of Liberty on the bottom right and left side... 2.5 hours each for carve time with a 1/32 bit and the front of the box has US Eagle.  About 3 hours carve time with a 1/16th bit."

"Sprayed with a few coats of rattle can Shellac. The base of the clock is made from Red Grandis."

"I have some more idea’s for “themed” clocks up my sleeve as well."

That is a bit of a teaser!!!  Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!!

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Thank you, James, for taking the time to share your project with us!

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