God Bless America Plaque by James Patton

It's hard sometimes to keep track of all the great models we have in the Design and Make catalog.  When James Patton sent this one in we had to check to make sure the models was ours.  Happily, it is and, WOW, did he make it look great or what!

"This is the project created with model number 50748_A and the rectangle dish shape from Hack of the Week No.151.

It measures 26” x 12” and was carved from a 2” thick piece of poplar slab. Run time was about 4 hours I think and this was the first time I actually used a 1/4” ball nose. Ran at 6% step over.

Applied dark walnut Danish oil to the outside and light walnut Danish oil to the inside. Then sanded a little with 220 grit to lighten some of the areas before applying deft brush on satin lacquer, lightly sanding with 0000 steel wool in between coats. I just wanted to run this to show that this model is a work of art on its own.  Adding it to other projects will make the project that much more awesome.

Hope I did your model justice...This one I’m keeping for myself...lol"

"Did it justice?" You sure did James!  An amazing job on the finishing and hacking this layout together using a single model and a model from a model project!

Eagle model - 50748

Hack of the Week No.151

Love the addition of the VCarving - "God Bless America"

Customer Focus CNC

Thank you, James, for taking the time to share your project with us!

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