Lacrosse Plaque from Scott Hosey

Have an idea for a new model?  We always except emailed ideas but if you can corner us at an event, butter us up with some great comments, and have a request for a model others have asked for... we just might push it through... 🙂

Scott did exactly that while we were at Jim McGrews 2018 Aspire Camp.  He asked if we had ever thought of adding any Lacrosse themed models or if we had one kicking around we would consider adding to the D&M store.  We have been asked for this one a few times and we had a model collecting dust that just needed a little updating.  So we did just that and sent it along to him for his project.

"I attached a picture of one of the lacrosse plaques I donated to a local high school.  I kept things pretty basic with the design due to the lack of time I had in getting them completed. 

The plaques were carved from mahogany and I believe measured 12”x14”. 

I’m about to begin work on a design where I’ll add sticks to the lacrosse heads and cross them with a lacrosse helmet in the middle of them."

Love the idea of adding the sticks to the head and that is a pretty easy task if you have Aspire.  Hope Scott sends us a picture of that one... 🙂

If you interested in the Lacrosse Head model we have added it to the store and the link is below.

If this proves to be a sport our users are interested in we just might add a few more lacrosse-themed models in the future.

Customer Focus CNC

Thank you, Scott, for the idea and taking the time to share your finished project with us!

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