Amazing Urn from Darren Pfau

An Amazing Urn from a Novice?

" I created this for my late father who was a cabinetmaker here in St. Louis, MO. At the time, I was a novice with the Vectric software, but was pleased with the results."

What a beautiful job and an amazing result for a "novice".

"Various domestic hardwoods were used-cherry, white oak, hickory, walnut, etc. Species which he worked with every day as a “shaper hand” primarily for curved work used in commercial applications from Universities to museums to law offices."

"Ironically, when he retired it was the CNC machines which ultimately all but eliminated his job had he stuck around much longer."

"The urn was buried at@ the grave site, bummer. Just have the pics. I purchased the models from your site."

We can't help but point out the details that make this even more special.  The latches, dovetails, domed top, inlayed crest and choices of material can't be overlooked and add so much to his finish piece.

Darren what a fantastic piece of craftsmanship that we are sure your father would have been very proud of.

A couple of work in progress images Darren sent us.

The unfinished urn looks very nice and the roughing pass for the lid is something any CNC'er would appreciate!

Customer Focus CNC

Thank you, Darren Pfau, for taking the time to share your finished project with us!

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