Amazing Waving Bear Signs from Terry, Kathy And Sean!

Every time we get images in from a customer we are so excited t see what they have done with our models and projects.  The first thing we notice is the finish... and when we saw these it was hard not to smile.  The finish is "top drawer" and it adds so much to the expression of the bear and the layouts are so well balanced they look fun and natural!


"We love your projects and have and use many of them.
The waving bear (project) is a particularly cute one. We purchased the project a couple of weeks ago and have sold several of the signs already." 

"We are using Aspire 8.5 with a Camaster Stinger1. We used a 1/8 BN bit with 90 and 60-degree vbits.
The wood is 4/4 eastern white pine."

"The finish is hand painted by Kathy (who always does a great job).
The bear and log are completely hand painted while the happy bear (oval) is "antiqued".
Finished size is 22 x 16."

Kathy's finishing adds so much to the already wonderful layouts... what a great team!

If you're interested in what more of Terry, Kathy and Sean's work please have a look at their business website - Unique Gifts Of Wood

Thank you, Terry, Kathy and Sean, for taking the time to share your finished project with us, they look so nice!

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One Response to “Amazing Waving Bear Signs from Terry, Kathy And Sean!

  • George Scott
    10 months ago

    Really nice work. Love them. What was the font used in the “Campsite” sign?