Creating Werewolf Halloween Decoration

We’re launching NEW Halloween models at the Design & Make store! No tricks, just treats so for all those who love getting into the spirit of theming or creating ghoulish pranks, why not celebrate Halloween, Trick or Treat or Mischief Season with some spooky Halloween 3D models.

Halloween has a fascinating history with the eve of All Saints’ Day or All Hallows Eve celebrated by children dressing up in fright masks and costumes with the origins dating back to Pagan times and the festival of the dead Samhain.

To help you bring back the souls of the dead, why not create this devilish 'Beware The Werewolf' wall art taken from our brand new collection of Halloween models. Inspired by folklore and mythology of the man who shapeshifts into a wolf-like beast in the presence of the full moon, this project is perfect for all those looking for Halloween or Trick or Treat ideas to hide in your gardens or yards to scare friends, family, and neighbors, or for those looking for your own spooky themed gifts for your Etsy store.

Olly has recreated this creepy Beware the Werewolf sign using the Wolfy single model framed by plank models with the project created in 2 cleverly designed parts allowing you to machine the werewolf and frame separately for easy cutting and assembly. You can cut it as one part two but why not spice it up and make each piece in a different wood or mixed materials, customize it with a scary v-carved message like “Keep Out or “Property Guarded by a Werewolf” using this Moinho text, then add a spooky glow with green or orange neon strip lights to create a ghoulish glow as your finishing touch! For those organizing parties or with costume hire stores, why not use these models to make a business sign and help theme your window!

Download the Werewolf Model here:

Download the Plank Model here:

You can find the Halloween models here - Halloween Models


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