Beautiful Gold Navy Seal by Jim Frantz

Jim has taken the art of hacking together a few models to a new height with his Navy Seals Trident hack.  His final piece turned out perfect and looks so good finished in gold and mounted on a plaque.  Jim took the time to share with us the models he used and his process of cutting and finishing the final part!

"I used some straight grained maple 5/8" thick. The "Trident" (which is named the Navy Seals give this emblem) is nearly 7 inches across.

I have a Nextwave Automation CNC SHARK Pro.

I used a Tapered Ball Nose - 5.4 Deg Tip 0.031 for the final pass.

This was done on VCarve Pro 8.5.

I have several friends who are Seals and I did four of these per sheet to make 8 total.  It took about 4 hours to do 4 of them."

"This Navy Seal emblem was hacked together using:

50451 (Trident)

50452 (Anchor 2)

50453 (Flintlock 1)

50458 (Military Eagle 2)

Then spray painted gold"

What a great layout and the finish is perfect!  This would be a great gift for those that have served as a Navy Seal or as a memorial gift.

Customer Focus CNC

Thank you, Jim, for taking the time to share your finished project with us!

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