Daddy’s Girl – Memorial Plaque

With hacks of the Week, it sometimes is hard to look past the included Assembled Layout and look at the individual models to see if they can be repurposed for a different theme.  We always hoped that Hack of the Week No.166 would not just be used as more than a pet memorial.  James Patton did exactly that when he created this memorial plaque.


"The wife had been on me to make her something in remembrance of her father. Couldn’t really get any idea’s, then when this hack came out, I knew what I was going to do."  

Hack of the Week No.166

"Took the heart and the wings from the hack and created a daddy's girl plaque. Carved in walnut, measures about 10 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches. Sanded with 220 grit and then used a light walnut Danish oil stain. While the stain was still wet I wet sanded the plaque with 220 grit. The dust and oil mixed to fill in the pores of the wood. Wiped off and when dried I added another light coat of the oil. After about 6 hours I applied 4 coats of satin brush on lacquer. Used a 1/8 inch ball nose and I think the carving time was just over 3 hours.

I just wanted to show this hack has more possibilities than just pets. The wings are what makes it...! Hope we did the model justice."

The end result looks very nice and what a wonderful memorial for your Wife.  Well done James, and thanks for sharing!

Customer Focus CNC

Thank you, James Patton, for taking the time to share your finished project with us!

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