A wonderful police memorial from Allen Schroeder

When we create out models and projects we hope that they get used for all sorts of occasions.  Our customers turn them into finished pieces that, in the end, become something very special to the person they are given to or the people they are seen by.  

Allen Schroeder did that exact thing with our Local Heroes - Police Officer project.  Not only is it a beautifully finished piece but it is a memorial to an officer lost in the line of duty that will be cherished for many years to come.

"Made this for a fallen policeman this weekend."

"The father and son say they created a plaque to honor the fallen officer, who lost his life last month during a police pursuit that ended in a crash. “Maybe this will make them feel a little better we’re hoping, but I don’t think … it will never replace him,” Allen Schroeder said."

The above quote was taken from this link Allen included with the image he sent.


"I used my CNC Axiom Precision, Vcarve Pro, your model and a Boss laser for the photo. The wood is cherry.
Amana Tool 1/8 Carving 3D Taperd Ballnose - 46286"

Customer Focus CNC

Sending a special thank you to Allen and his son for taking the time to create something so special and sharing its story with us!

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