Tony Forsyth is now “Weekend CNC Warrior” Approved!

Sometimes it's best we let the customer and his/her work get the first words in.

Tony used the assembled layout form the Under the Sea No.2 for this beautiful finished piece! 

"I have very recently purchased several of your Design and Make projects to get me going on my home made Mechmate CNC. I have very limited experience and have hardly used my machine due to work travel requirements however that has now changed and I plan to spend more time using my CNC and Design and Make Projects."

Tony added some VCarving to the assembled layout from the Under the Sea No.1 to create this piece!

"My CNC has a cutting table size of 2440mm x 1240mm runs with a water cooled 2.2Kw Spindle." 
"I use Vectric Aspire V8 and Mach 3."
"I used a 6mm End Mill to Rough out followed by a 2mm Tapered Ball nose to finish. The text was cut using a 60-degree V-Bit with both signs then being cut out using my table saw. The signs were then treated to several coats of Organoil to finish. The material used was Australian Blackwood."

Tony posted a great video on his businesses page showing the signs being machined!  Check it out!

Tony lives in Brisbane, Australia and we are so happy that he is enjoying working with our CNC projects!  Love that finish, it adds so much depth to the finished piece!  

Customer Focus CNC

Thank you, Tony, for taking the time to share your finished project with us!

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