Home Show Sign By Jim Meadows

Need a new a sign for your craft or home show booth?  Jim has the answer... hack one together with some D&M models and finish it perfectly!  Kinda like he did.

"I needed a new sign for our booth at an upcoming Home Show, so from my library, which contains about every model that D&M has, I gathered these up, shook up the can, and this is what came out.

After sealing, sprayed NGR dye for the bark, then several clear coats, and dry brushed some Spanish Oak gel stain on top. Some clear coats after, and that’s the results.

Having way too much fun for a beginner!"

Thought we might list the contents of Jim's "shaker can":

Pop's Tool Shop No.1

Pop's Tool Shop No.2

Waving Bear Project

Elk Scene Project

It is so great to see a hack like this... well done Jim!

Thank you, Jim, for taking the time to share your finished project with us!

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