Inspired by the Tree Of Love!

It's always a treat when we use a model in a Hack of the Week or in a video that inspires someone out there to build a project around it.  Recently we published a video showing how you can take one of Vectric's Free Projects Of The Month and "Make It Your Own" by hacking the project wit ha model from our store.  We choose the "Tree of Love" model and surprisingly many of you have never seen it. 

"So I took you Tree of Love and hacked it with the Heart from Be Mine No.2 and the rings from Be Mine No.1

Carved in cherry it’s about 10 x 9.

Used a natural Danish oil and sanded wet with 320 grit and applied a few coats of deft glossy lacquer.

The wife likes purple so I went with purple acrylic paint for the lettering. 1/8 ball at 6% step over for the finishing path.  Took about 4 hours to carve.  Thanks for making such awesome models."

From James Patton


"The dimensions of these are 12" wide by 10.5" High 0 .75" thick.

I made 4 of these - one in Pine 2 in Cherry and one in Popular.

Just waiting for the customers to pick out their finish!"

From Don Harding

Both of the layouts are very nice and love the sayings!  Great to see everyone passing around inspiration!

Thank you, Don and James, for taking the time to share your finished hacks with us!

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