Paradise Box Hack from James Patton!

James is a pro at taking put projects and creating unique hacks and layouts.  Awhile back he took one of Vecric's "Free Projects Of The Month" and hacked a few of our models on to it... and it inspired us to create a video to show you how you too could make that project your own!  

First, let's have a look at what James's box looks like!

"When I first starting planning this project I wanted to include all the military symbols, but thought, which do you put on top without looking biased? Well, I couldn’t and putting them all on top would be too crowded. So being the Army vet that I am it was a no-brainer when coming up with the second idea...

Using Michaels Paradise Box, we modified it a little... ( That box layout, by the way, has endless possibilities.)"

The Paradise Box is one of Vectrics most popular free projects and like James mentions it can be hacked for almost any occasion!

"This project was carved using various species of maple. I wanted to use the red grandis for the sides from a previous project, but they wouldn’t work, that’s why the maple.

I used the Army symbol from the military service seals, and two stand-alone models, 50748_A and 99996093_A.

All the pieces were carved using a 1/16th ball nose and took about 6 hours each. With the exception of the back which I created vectors around the star banner and ran a 1/32 bit to clean cut the stars.

For the lid, I had to add the text and the stars. Times Roman Numeral was the text I used.

Used Deft satin brush on lacquer for the finishing..Lightly sanding in-between coats using 0000 steel wool."

Want to hack Paradise Box and "Make It Your Own"?  It's eaiser then you might think. 

Have a watch of the video to the left and I'll walk you through how to add the Tree of Love 3D model to the top of the box. 


Thank you, James, for taking the time to share your finished hack with us!

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