Trouble Downloading, Installing and Using our Content

Important Information - Please Read

You have arrived at this page for one of a few reasons:

  • Ran out of downloads attempting to sort out how to use your purchase in your software
    • Please read the full page before emailing support.
  • Ran out of downloads and need to be issued more downloads
    • If you have found that you have run out of downloads and would like to have us issue you more or you feel there is another issue please email  Include your email address attached to your D&M account along with any other pertinent information.

As you probably already know, we offer 3 different types of content on Design & Make:

  • Single Models
  • Model Projects (small groups of models packaged together to help you create a final layout - they include an assembled layout for easy customization)
  • D&M Collections
    • Single models sold in a bundle
    • A group of model projects sold in a bundle
    • or a combination of both the above

For all versions of single models, you will be downloading a single file that will most likely, by default, be saved in your Windows "Downloads" folder.

Do not double click a single model to try and open it - Windows may not have the correct program associated with the file type or it may not be able to directly open the file using the double-click method.  You may require the software you want to use to be first started and then the file to be imported into it.

For Cut3D and PartWorks 3D then you first start the software then use the File Open option to load either a V3M or STL format file.

For Aspire, VCarve Pro V8+ or VCarve Desktop you need to open a new file then use the "Import 3D Model or Component" option.

For ArtCAM - depending on the version you may be able to Open an RLF file or you may need to first create a new part then use the "Relief - Load - Paste" option to import it.

For all other software that is able to load an STL file you will first need to start the program and create a new part/job. Then you will most likely use an Import command to load the STL model. We would recommend you review the help material or call your software company if you are not sure how to import an STL file into your particular program.

For V3M versions of Design and Make model projects you will download an installer.  Be sure to save that someplace you can find it or run it from your internet browser.  Once you run the installer your purchase will show up in your clipart tab in your Vectric Software.

This short video will help if you are still having trouble.

For all other versions of Design and Make model projects you will be downloading a zipped file containing all of the content of the project.  You will need to unzip it someplace you can find it and then follow the direction above to import the models into your software.

If you have made it this far and you are still having trouble please email  Include your email address attached to your D&M account along with any other pertinent information.