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Hacks of the Week have been been a huge hit with our customers giving them inspiration for their next project. We've had many customers inquire if we offer them as a single model they could purchase and customize.

This Hack of the Week is the ultimate inspiration for those looking to prioritize some key personal goals or just get organized ready for the New Year. Why not do some mental spring cleaning to clear your head of all those creative thoughts, then add them to your very own My Goals board and let the magic happen!

We have made these models easy to customize so either reproduce this already assembled layout using the heart, trainer and earth, or adapt the models to quickly create your own actions board. Simply create your interchangeable actions then use the buttons coated in black chalkboard paint as a handy way to tick off your special reminders once they're complete!

This project has unlimited possibilities so how about making a regular review board for your daily or weekly tasks, a thought cloud board to bring together all your fantastic woodworking and maker project ideas, or even a positivity points board for your kids with stars for their good deeds or behaviour. Fix it to your kitchen noticeboard, above your workshop bench, in your kids playroom, or stock up your Etsy shop with some novel interactive New Year gifts!

There are now 2 different ways for you to recreate or customize this Hack of the Week!

What we used to make this
Hack of the Week!

As always, if you have been a collector of Design and Make single models and projects you may have all that you need in your collection already or just need to purchase one of two of the missing bits.

Models and Projects Used to make this hack:

Fonts - Free Script, Lato-Bold

Purchase this layout as a 
Hack of the Week Project! 

Now you can purchase this layout as a single model and we have included all of the single models used to create it!  You can now purchase and customize our layout or even better, you can recreate your version of the layout and if you want, swap out models with those in your library!  Now that's a Design and Make Hack!  


Why not hack together your own layout mixing and matching models from other projects or from your own library!  For some great inspiration check out our hacks page!

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