Create A Lovely Heart and Rose Gift

Love is always in the air! This is a quick little project that only takes one piece of 3D Clipart from Design and Make, a basic knowledge of the drawing features in VCarve Desktop. Pro or Aspire and a heartfelt message! It could not be any easier! What a wonderful gift idea for a wedding, anniversary, Valentine's day, or a "just because" present!

We choose to cut this in a recycled piece of countertop that cuts just like Corian... and we have to say the end result is really amazing! To get the black in the lettering we used some mask and vcarved right into it. We painted in the letter and remove the leftover mask. The result is super crisp lettering that will stand the test of time!

We have added a few more models to the D&M store that might be of interest.  Click the images below to be swept way to the D&M store.


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