Sports Fans Get Your CNC Warmed Up!

"a person who is enthusiastic about sports"

Sports fans come in all shapes and sizes and can be found all over the world! Many have been brought up from a young age to support a particular team or club, and some others are just getting started. There are the armchair fans and then those that make it to every game and love the smells, sounds and being amongst like-minded fellow supporters.

It's one thing to be a fan and it's another to love a sport enough to make it their ambition to play or compete on the field, ice, or course! This journey most often starts off at a young age and continues until the game is called!

This project is bursting with potential for creating projects based around the sports represented: Golf, Football (Soccer), American Football, Ice Hockey, Netball, Basketball, Baseball, and Rugby. Now there is no reason not to support a local children's league or club with an award or sign. The older crowd will appreciate the flexibility in knowing that basement and business sports bars, fantasy and oldtimer leagues along with charity events can now have their own custom signs made by you!

If the included Assembled Layouts are not just quite right, you have all you need to make it your own. Recreate the bits you like using the single models included in the hack and then add in some of your own!

12 single models, 2 assembled layouts, 1 Project Sheet. All offered in .V3M format for VCarve Pro 8, VCarve Desktop or Aspire.

Remember, all the models in this pack can be cut as individual models or combined with other models in the Waterside Collection or content from your own library.


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