Make An Inspiring Tall Ship Layout!

~ Tall Ship Scenes ~

The high seas have been a place of adventure and mystery since humans thought up the idea to set sail. This project celebrates the ships from our past and our present and allows you to set the stage for a nautical story.

Set off as an explorer looking for new lands and welt beyond their wildest dreams. Hoping that in just a few short years to return with stories of amazing places and experiences that would be echoed for many more years. Things that would be shared in history books and inspire sailors of future generations.

Maybe your story is a bit more recent and begins with dreaming of a schooner or a yacht to explore the coastline of the Americas or Britain! Living summers on the sea in your own personnel boat seeing the land from a different angle.

This project is really about setting a mood and creating something that will keep the story alive, or even better set the stage for a new adventure!

If the included Assembled Layouts are not just quite right, you have all you need to make it your own. Recreate the bits you like using the single models included in the hack and then add in some of your own!

13 single models, 2 assembled layouts, 1 Project Sheet. All offered in .V3M format for VCarve Pro 8, VCarve Desktop or Aspire.

Remember, all the models in this pack can be cut as individual models or combined with other models in the Waterside Collection or content from your own library.


This model project is part of the Waterside Collection.

Five waterside-themed model projects for one great price!


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