Uncle Henry – Leprechaun Pub Sign

For many years now Uncle Henry has been sending us pictures of his work.  It is about time we created a Shop Notes post sharing with you some of his work with you!

As you will soon find out Henry was quick to start making signs with the help of his Vectric software and CNC.  He uses the Design and Make content to supplement the free clipart he received with Aspire, but also see its value as standalone CNC ready clipart!

What is the story behind your project?

"This one was for personal use.  It was made for St. Patrick’s Day as a decoration.  I used D&M’s feisty leprechaun and Frame Sign Shape No. 2"

Why did you choose D&M content to use in the making of your project?

"D&M models tend to be more imaginative and adaptable.  They are inexpensive."

Is this the first time using D&M to help with a project? 

"I’ve used D&M since 2014, before it was merged with Vectric"

What software did you use to make your project?  How long have you been using this software?

"I use Aspire for all my CNC, I originally bought it in 2012."

Did you use any interesting software features?

"The program is pretty extensive, a big improvement was the ability to work 2 sided parts and visualize them in the preview."

Can you share some of the specifics of your project? 

"This was done on cherry aby 8”x11”.  I used Celtic Garamond the 2nd and Lucinda Calligraphy.   For finishing, I applied about 3 coats of polyurethane and painted the character and lettering with Testor’s model enamel." 

Are you new to CNC? What CNC do you use to cut your project?

"I bought my machine in 2012, it is a Legacy Arty driven by Mach3."

"I was able to make basic signs within a couple of weeks, the support from both the machine manufacturer and Vectric enabled me to start some more elegant designs very quickly.  Having said that I am still discovering new tricks, especially as Aspire has evolved."

Can you tell us how you finished it? 

"Stained with a medium oil stain and finished with 3 coats of poly. I used a sanding mob to smooth out the model and conventional sanding on the sides and flat back. By using poly I was able to fill the letters with the model paint and then wipe the excess with a cloth & Q-tips soaked in mineral spirits."

Is there anything you would do differently next time?

"I might have done a better job of sanding because when I wiped off some of the excess paint there was a slight “fog” left behind."

Do you have any other comments, ideas, or suggestions you would like to share with the D&M community about your project?

"I would encourage folks to take advantage of the ability to use the trial version before buying and to purchase the highest version (Aspire) if they can afford it.  Your machine was a big investment and you want to make the best use of it."

"D&M models are extremely useful and affordable.  They are a great supplement to the models supplied with the software.  They are also very helpful and prompt answering any questions or concerns."

Henry has been sharing images of his work with us for a few years now and here are some images of his other projects!

Wood Eagle Scout sign by Design & Make user
Wood Egg Plate Design & Make user
Wood thanksgiving plaque by Design & Make user

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Thank you, Henry, for taking the time to share your project with us in the Vectric Forum!

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