Bird House And A Magical Garden

We love it when a customer does something completely different with one of our model projects, something e never expected.  Dale Bowlin certainly did this with his use of the free In The Magical Garden model project.


We never would have thought to use its project to decorate a birdhouse, what great idea!

"I made this Bird House for an Aunt that has her 84 birthday coming up this week. I used the hack of the week for the door and one side. I also carved 2 maple birds which are Hannah's design." read more

We truly appreciate Dale creating a post in the Vectric and sharing it with the community and lots of other Vectric customers have commented.

If you're interested in Dale's project, check out his post in the forum and leave a comment if you like!

Customer Focus CNC

Thank you, Dale, for taking the time to share your project with us in the Vectric Forum!

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