In The Magical Garden – A Free Model Project

These are unsettling times in our world, and some only have the back garden to escape to or a workshop that might feel a bit neglected. You may be keeping safe alone or with your family, and in an attempt to keep you all inspired, we have sprinkled a bit of extra magic on this project to make it even more fun to explore.

This is a FREE model project we are giving away to all D&M customers that have a verified account. That's right we are giving it to you in the hopes it will help you and your family pass the time while waiting to get back to the workshop, your next craft show or building up stock for the holiday season.

This model project is just like any of our others in that you get a pre-made assembled layout that is easily customizable with vcarving, all of the single models we used to make that layout and a project sheet to keep you inspired. As a big magical bonus we have added in a few other exciting things:

  • A second pre-assembled layout ready for VCarving
  • Three coloring pages to keep you or any children that might have a bit of creative energy needing a place to go.
  • and a PDF filled with different sized images of all those single models so the little some can cut them out and help you create your next fantastic layout!!!

Grab a few pieces of scrap wood and add a bit of magic to your back garden or spark the imagination of a special little person. Maybe even just cut a few doors so the little hands that need something to do can have a go at painting them.

Why not spread a little joy and leave a hobbit or fairy door on a random tree or a base of a wall. It just might brighten up someone's day that needs it.

Have fun, and be safe!


All 8 Models

Project Sheet

One of the 2 Included Preassembled Layouts

This Free project includes 8 models:

  • Hobbit Door
  • Fariy Door
  • Mushroom
  • Butterfly
  • 2 Leaves
  • Garden sign
  • Ribbon
  • Plus 2 Assembled LayoutProject Sheet, 3 coloring pages, and a set of cutout sheets!

Order and Download it today!

An Example Of A Coloring Page

The Other Pre-Assembled Layout

An Example Of A Cutout Sheet


Above are a few other very quick layouts that just might get you inspired!

Hope you enjoy this project.

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