Christmas Gift for a Runner – Jay Pieper

It is so lovely to see a customer take the time to post a finished piece in the Vectric User Forum, and even more amazing when they take the time to explaine why they created what they are sharing!

Jay spotted our Hack of the Week No.191 and thought it would be the perfect starting point for a gift for his Daughter!

WOW... that is a pile of medals!!!  Looks like the project is getting lots of use!  Well done!

If your interested in more about Jay's project you will want to read through his post in the Vecteric User Forum.  Lots of great interaction with him and qustions about his process answered! Please click the link below to see his post in the forum you won't be dissapointed!


This handy link will take you stright to the model project that inspired Jays project -  Hack of the Week No.191

Customer Focus CNC

Thank you, Jay, for taking the time to share your project in the Vectric User Forum with us!

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