Display Your Achievements Just Like Jeff Does!

We know there are a lot of runners out there... and if you have a CNC you know one or are one!

Jeff sent us in an email asking us for some help to come up with a HOTW that he could use to display some of his medals on.  Having a bit of a think on it we did just that and he has graciously sent in a picture and a bit of information on his finished medal rack and it looks really good!

"The software I use is “VCarve Pro”.   I retired this past year and I bought myself a gift - a Laguna IQ”.   The carving is made from red oak, a hardwood.   The unit was coated in a semi-gloss.

I ran my first triathlon 35 years ago and ran my second one this past summer - it was a mini, but felt good doing it.

So where do I put my medal?   That is where you came in to help to create a rack. "


Jeff opted to not use the included layout, and created his own using the individual models we include in with Hack of the Week No.191 to make a custom layout for his medal hanger!

Well Done!

If you interested here is a link to
Hack of the Week No.191

Customer Focus CNC

Thank you, Jeff, for taking the time to share your project with us!

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