John Loves His Wildlife Collection!

John Mordus has been a Design and Make customer for many years and we've had the privilege of meeting him in person at past User Group Meetings.  He is always excited about his CNC and what he has been making, but also sharing lots of tips and ideas with other users.

Last year he sent us in a set pictures of his projects with a simple but yet impactful comment...

"Love the Wildlife Collection!!!!!"

Yep... that says it all!!!  Below are the pictures he included and a bit of information for each.



24 x 16 glued up pine panel
(1st try - working on a few
improvements and balance yet)
MinWax Golden Oak Stain
4 coats of Poly

9.5 x 32" piece of a discarded commercial stair rail
MinWax Golden Oak Stain
4 coats of Poly
A piece of the Deer Mantel Scene with a few additions from the other Wildlife Expansion packs




16 x 24 glued up pine panels
MinWax Honey stain
4 coats of poly

All made on a Probotix Nebula CNC
Wildlife Collection and other various pieces of 3D clipart
Some time and a little anguish - the Aspire finish preview is a godsend - wish I was more computer literate

All Rough Cuts - 1/4" end Mill

All Finish Cuts - 1/8" ball nose"

If your interested in have a look at the Wildlife Scenes Collection have a look at this link...

Wildlife Scenes Collection


Interested in expanding your Wildlife ScenesCollection?

Have a look at our Expansion Packs!

Customer Focus CNC

Thank you, John, for taking the time to share your projects with us!

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