New Broken Tiles Project

Introducing our latest project...

Lily - Broken Tiles No.2

Broken?  There is nothing broken about this model project, it all works perfectly fine!  This is the second installment of our broken tiles model projects and is the perfect companion for the "Rose Tiles - Broken" model project.

It may not look it at first glance but once you start thinking about it you will soon see that this project is packed with tons of possibility.

We have themed this around a lovely stylized lily.  If that variety is not the right choice for the occasion swap it with any flower, animal, plant or flourish you may have in your collection of relief clip-art.  Even better why not hack in some other model or models from any other model project to create a truly unique layout.



We have included in 3 tiles with this project but you can create even more by merging them into each other. With just a bit of time, you can easily create 4-5 other variants.   You can easily tile the "tiles" in a grid to make a frame of almost any size... WOW, that makes our broken tile model projects even more flexible.

Customize the included layout with some simple V-Carving or use the models to create your own layout.


Like all of our D&M model projects, we have included a very handy Assembled Layout. 

This layout is easily customized with VCarving and makes this a very useful project for special events, Mother's Day or any gardening enthusiast.

Even though you can start off with the included Assembled layout there is tons of potential to create your own layouts using the 5 individual models.  Layer them up or even cut them on their own to add a bit of 3D to any project!

Other "Food For Thought" Layouts

This project is a great stand-alone model project but it gets even better if you hack in other models from your library, or purchase other models from the Design and Make store.

If you do choose to purchase this model project we would love to see what you have made.  Make sure you post it in the Vectric User Forum or on your favorite social media platform and tag us so we can see the post!

Thanks from all of us here at Design and Make!

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