Quilters Guild Plaque Hack from Don

We have had a couple of inquiries for a "quilting" themed project... well Don has come up with his own Hack that works perfectly for a quilting themed project, and it looks darn good!

"Material used:
Plaque is 23" wide by 12 " high and 1.125" thick.
The wood was Tulip Popular.
Harvested here in PA."
"Projects and models used for my hack:
The sign is from Pops Shop No. 3 - Shop Sign No.2.
Needle, thread and sewing machine is from Craft Cubby No.1.
The Sheers are from The Hair Shop No. 1.
The Top Ribbon No 15 is from Hack of The Week No.146 - Upside Down.
The lower ribbon, I can not remember what package that was used from."

That ribbon came from the free Heart and Ribbon project that everyone gets free with a verified Design and Make account.

"The finish and painting were done by my friend Linda Jerome.
Linda did a beautiful job as per usual."
"'A Special Thanks to Design&Make for the Awesome Art Work."
Wonderful layout for any craft room, quilters club or guild!

Customer Focus CNC

Thank you, Don Harding, for taking the time to share your finished project with us!

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