James Patton takes on Hack of the Week No.169

One of the great things about our Hack of the Week is that for some D&M collectors they already have most or all of the model used in their library... and if not, they have something they can substitute in to create a fresh take on the hack.

James Patton is one of these users!  Have a look below at his version of Hack of the Week No.169... can you spot the difference?

 "The sun was going down when I got home so not a real good pic, but this was done in a scrap piece of Padauk and it's about 6x6 inch.  Saw your design while I was surfing the site and hacked what pieces I had to make a similar one."

We love that James "surfs" the site looking for new content and ideas for his projects.

"Used the broken tile background with the hummingbird and daffodil from the Mothers Garden No.2."

Ahhh.... there you have it.  James used different daffodil then we used... but it looks just as nice!  

"Ran 1/16th ball at 150ipm and 6% stepover.Runtime was about 2 hours. Finished with some brush on deft lacquer.  Mom text is Affectionately yours and the other text is Cambria!"

We always list the models and projects used to make our hacks just in case you want to check to see if you already own them or enough of them to create your take on it.  If you don't then you can purchase our version of the hack, that includes all the models, an assembled layout ready to cut and a project sheet to get you started.

Here is the link to the Shop Notes page for Hack of the Week No.169 (every hack has its own blog page with the above information on it).

Hack of the Week No.169 - Shop Notes Page

Also, the hacks page in our store lists the models and projects used... and if you're logged into your account you can check to see if you own them by clicking their link.

Hack of the Week No.169 - Store Page


Customer Focus CNC

Thank you, James Patton, for taking the time to share your finished project with us!

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