Cookie Pennington has a great looking finished project to be proud of!

It is always exciting to see Design and Make users create something they are very proud of, especially new users to Vectric software.  Cookie sent in this great picture of a finished project that she will be auctioning off for a very good cause!

"I am fairly new to aspire and it can get overwhelming sometimes, so for this model to have turned out so well, really gave a sense of accomplishment."

We get so excited when we hear that a CNC project like our Around The World No.1 - USA helps a customer create something they are so happy with! 

"Worked up using Aspire 8.0 cut on CNC shark anniversary edition on walnut and fished with quick dry poly.  The final product is roughly 5.5” x 8”.

I am starting a campaign for my grandchildren’s church camp money and really am hoping this one will be a big seller."

We are pretty certain that this project was a hit!  Nice job and what a great way to support your Grandchildren!  

Customer Focus CNC

Thank you, Cookie, for taking the time to share your finished project with us!

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